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Ice Lolly Maker

Make your very own designer ice lollies in just seven minutes! Children are not known for their patience at the best of times and when it comes to wanting an ice lolly, even grown-ups don’t like to hang about (at least not at IWOOT). The Zoku Instant Ice Lolly Maker is a gift from the Gods when it comes to keeping the kids, and indeed the adults, happy. You simply pop it in your freezer, and when the ‘I want an ice lolly’ moment strikes, the fun begins. Take your Zoku out of the freezer, insert the lolly sticks (it comes with six), and pour in whatever you want your lolly to be made of. In just seven minutes this fabulous kitchen gadget will have frozen your lollies to perfection. You can add fruit, make multi-layered and multi-flavoured lollies, and even make ones with different flavoured centres. The Zoku comes with a very good little instruction book full of tips and tricks to help you make the very best and most fun lollies, so not only do you get your personalised lollies in just seven minutes, but the kids (and we have to admit we loved making ours too) will have loads of fun making them. It can make up to nine lollies before you need to pop it back into the freezer to re-charge (as it were), which takes between 12 and 24 hours, and the lolly sticks, complete with their own mini drip trays, are re-useable and machine washable. No more chasing after ice cream vans selling chemical-ridden and high-priced ice creams, now you can make your own fruit filled, great tasting ice lollies whenever you like and in a matter of moments. Ice lollies and entertainment in one - simply brilliant.
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Customer Reviews for Ice Lolly Maker
Review 1 for Ice Lolly Maker
Overall Rating: 
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location: Anglia
Age: 25-34
Real Waste of Money
Date:11 October 2010
Utterly disappointed. I bought this in July and have just tried to use it for the third time. 15 minutes later, the liquid has not set.
The first time I used it, having been utterly disappointed at the restrictions for what couldn't be used, I finally decided to use a popular brand of smoothie. I followed the instructions to the letter...7 minutes later, not solid. 10 minutes later, not solid. 20 minutes later, not solid.
Having then had to clean it out (still following instructions!) it sat back in the freezer for a few weeks before trying again. After 15 minutes, one 'lolly' had mainly formed, the other two only partially.
I pulled it out the freezer this evening to try once more...despite sitting in its own compartment in the freezer, it appears to be falling apart. The little rubber feet have fallen off...and the entire unit appears to be bowed (either by design or because it's become dis-formed) meaning that now the unit does not sit flat.
I paid £39.99 for this. I wish I'd spent that money on ready made ice lollies.
Review 2 for Ice Lolly Maker
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Ice Lollies in Minutes!
Date:06 July 2010
It isn't often that you get a new product which works perfectly first time. This "instant" ice lolly maker is superb. The process couldn't be any simpler (unless of course you get someone to make the lollies for you - but then you wouldn't get to have all the fun would you?)
The Zoku is placed in the freezer for 24 hours, or until you need it. Inside, it is filled with a liquid, like those blue freeze-blocks, which freezes. When you want your lollies, take the Zoku out of the freezer and put one of the special lolly sticks into one, or all of the holes, fill the moulds with any sweet liquid you like (smoothies are excellent for this). Wait for about 6 minutes (you won't be able to resist just standing there and watching it freeze before your very eyes.) You then twist the orange "lolly release tool' onto the stick handle - this basically just prises the lolly upwards out of the mould. When it's out, take the releasing device off and attach a drip holder (if you want to) and eat your instant lolly. Brilliant!
You can even pour one liquid into the mould, wait for about half a minute, then suck the unfrozen bit out with a straw - then add another flavour to make the middle bit and let it freeze - a two layered lolly. Ready made custard in the middle works really well!
Go on - you know you want one of these!
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Review 3 for Ice Lolly Maker
Overall Rating: 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location: London
Age: 19-24
actually pretty amazing...
Date:06 July 2010
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I bought this as a present... started off sceptical, but actually Im impressed. 24 hours after being in the freezer it was freezing all sorts in front of our eyes.
In the photos you can see the following...
-Chocolate milk with milky bar yogurt centre... pretty good, takes a few attempts to get the hang of making lollies with a core, but went down very well in the end.
- Chocolate milk with bourbon biscuit broken up in it...easy to make... nice to eat... lots of crunchy bits... would definitely recommend adding more biscuit than you think you need.
- chocolate milk layered with milky bar dessert with milky buttons... this was lush, will be making a milky bar yogurt one soon...
Final and best one... Innocence smoothie apple, kiwi and lime... simply amazing... make one...
The best part is that you don't have to wait 24 hours your lolly to freeze, by which point it will be raining. also, you don't really need to clean it, because its so none stick that when you remove the lolly, there is no trace...
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